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Most cards held 15
Fewest cards held 15
Number of games played 0

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How to Play

Overview of game

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You battle your opponent by choosing an attribute from your current card and seeing if it is better then the same attribute from their current card. At the end of each round both players draw a new card.

Steps to a successful game

  1. Draw a card from your deck.
  2. Choose an attribute to battle with.
  3. If you win the battle, you take the card your opponent just battled with.
  4. View current game stats.
  5. Progress to next round.

You drew the Ubuntu

Choose an attribute

Energy 100
Saving 100
Eco 100
Ease 100

You chose Speed: 5

Opponent had:

Speed: 8

You won your opponents card!

Number of rounds played 1
Number of cards you have 16
Number of cards your opponent has 14

Congrats , you won!

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